The Gurzuf Valley is securely shielded by the mountain ranges: Ayu-Dag Mountain in the east, Nikitskoye Plateau with the Martian Point in the west, and the main range of the Crimean Mountains with the five highest peaks, Roman-Kosh being the highest, in the north (1,545 m). This area is dominated by unique, even for the Crimea, Mediterranean climate: Subtropical, sunny, and rather dry, with moderately warm winter and hot, yet not sultry summer. Such type of climate is perfectly suitable to treat and rehabilitate pulmonary and cardio-vascular systems and is especially beneficial for children, which is evidenced by numerous cases of curing severe allergic and asthmatic ailments. The healing air of coniferous woods blends with the sea breeze in the coastal area, which provides a unique healthy effect. A. Chekhov, while spending summertime at his Gurzuf cottage, would strongly advise, as a doctor, that his acquaintances come to Gurzuf for treatment.

The average annual air temperature at the resort is +13.4 degrees, approaching the average annual temperature of Nice. Precipitation is much less than in the south of France. The fixed absolute minimum temperature is -15оС and the maximum is +39оС. The annual precipitation level in Gurzuf is equivalent to 400-600 mm. The average annual air humidity is comparably low and amounts to 65-68%, and in June-September – 54-69%. As regards the duration of sun shining – 2,250 hours per year, - Gurzuf outweighs all the other Black Sea resorts.
The minimum temperature of sea water is + 8оС and the maximum is +28оС. In July-August, even the night temperature rarely drops below +20оС. The most comfortable period for rest and climate therapy is considered to be the mellow “velvet” season falling on September-October, when all benefits of Gurzuf enter into full force – plentitude of fruits, grape, warm sea, and gorgeous weather…

The Gurzuf Bay is one of the best bays in the South Coast of the Crimea in terms of being protected against thunderstorms and is perfectly suitable for docking sea yachts.
The shoreline of Gurzuf extends for 12 kilometers. Salinity of the Black Sea is twice as lower than in oceanic water, so bathing here is more pleasant than in the Mediterranean Sea. The swimming season, i.e. the time with constant temperature of sea water from +18 degrees and higher, lasts for six months in Gurzuf – since May till October.

Nature of the Gurzuf Valley is distinct. The Yalta Mountain And Forest Reserve, Martian Point Natural Reserve, Ayu-Dag Sanctuary, and the Crimean Public Reserve And Hunting Household are situated in the territory of Gurzuf. Quails, pheasants, squirrels, hares, deer, roes, and moufflons live there.  
The slopes of the Crimean Mountains are covered with forests of the Crimean pine rich in phytoncids as well as of beech, oak, aspen, and linden. The forests abound in cornel and edible mushrooms that may be picked up all year round. Below the forests and down to the very edge of the sea spread lavender fields and vineyards.