Our facilities are predominantly situated in the South Coast of the Crimea, in the territory of Gurzuf. Gurzuf starts at the foot of the famous Medved (bear) Mountain (Ayu-Dag), where the International Children’s Center Artek is based, and further stretches in a string of ancient parks and gardens and in a line of fine pebble beaches up to the juniper woods of the Ay-Danil. Gurzuf is situated 15 km away from Yalta and 70 km away from the airport of Simferopol; it takes about an hour to get to the town from the airport along the highway of administrative significance.

The picturesque old town descending down to a cozy cove, the famous silhouette of the Medved Mountain and the Adalars - two rocky twin-islands in the Gurzuf Bay are specific and unique features of Gurzuf. The narrow streets with multicolored facades of historic buildings enclosed by lush subtropical greenery and numerous cafes, restaurants and stores serve an excellent place for walks and excursions. Gurzuf is also known for its parks, being the oldest ones in the Crimea, famous vineyards planted as early as in the XIX Century, magnificent healing climate as well as for its spectacular vistas and incredible beauty of nature that has been attracting there men of art and just connoisseurs of the beautiful for centuries.